About Beth Lehem Negussu

That Which Created the Artist ..

Since childhood, I Ioved drawing, writing poetry and listening to music.   My commitment to live life to the fullest started in Ethiopia where I was born and raised until my early teens.  I was blessed to experience landscapes of deep forest, natural springs, perfumed wild flowers, ancient cities and various forms of art works.    Living in the states, I continue to discover amazing landscapes to creating colorful presentations.  My background and diverse experiences allows a unique perspective.  intuitively developed, I see my art as healing where one can be transported to a place of contemplation and self realization.

The hard work and dedication comes from my parents that made sacrifices for myself and my brothers by re-start life in America and becoming successful against all challenges.  Overcoming obstacles against all odds, I was committed to finish high school, go to college to live the American Dream.    While in college, I was able to intern for a paper manufacturing company where I learned paper mill process converting tree trucks to sheets of paper.   Once I graduated from college as a Chemical Engineer, my first professional work experience was at a pigment manufacturing company where I learned the art of developing color pigments.   I became in love with the beauty of creating pigments and seeing purity in colors.   Color being in every aspect of life was a profound realization.   I’ve had quiet the journey in creating the artist in me, applying my experiences, joining my love for nature and  utilizing art history from near and far worlds.

Artist Statement

"The love and connection to nature and its colors is ever growing in my heart which has been the source of inspiration.   Throughout the years, I’ve taken various classes such as design theory, sketching, painting and photography to enhance my knowledge base.  I love the use of color play with hidden lights and shadows leaving a mystery to be discovered by viewers.   The drive to continuously grow, seek the unknown and seek the truth of oneself is ever ready in my passion, exploring in delight while painting landscape and abstract piece.  The intention is to communicate peacefulness, unity and joy,  allowing a space to find the jewel in our hearts."
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